Meet Marina Magdalena!

Each month we are highlighting one of the talented artists in the Tiny House Art Garden and In the Dog House Art Studio.  Our featured artist for July, Marina Magdalena,  discovered art at a young age and has returned to her artistic roots after moving to the Space Coast.

I grew up in Stockton, California, with a strong interest and talent in art. My first art recognition came in 5th grade when my oil pastel drawing was selected to be featured at the Annual Robert T. McKee Student Art Exhibition in the Haggin Museum. Throughout primary school, I found art to be a wonderful outlet, often gravitating towards instructional drawing books. In high school, I continued to excel in art, with my works being featured in various exhibits. I explored many mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and pencil, as well as other artistic subjects such as creative writing and photography.

At seventeen, I was accepted to the Art Institute of Denver but became disenchanted with the idea of a career centered around computer-based desk jobs. After taking a couple of gap years to decide my direction, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Management & Ecology. While attending Oregon State University, I obtained an internship that led to a career with a Federal Land Management Agency. After graduating, I volunteered at a conservation station in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, where I undertook a project constructing monkey crossing signs using old material found around the station. I painted the signs with a silhouette of a local tamarin monkey and a warning to slow down for their crossing. I also had the amazing experience of meeting my sponsor child through Children International while in Ecuador, an organization I’ve been involved with since 2010.

After nearly a decade, an accident at work ended my career and shortly after, I moved to Florida with little more than a suitcase, my portfolio, and my cat. With my life a blank canvas, I re-explored interests I had long left behind. I began pursuing a graduate degree in Global Sustainability with a focus on Policy, along with a certificate in Climate Mitigation and Adaptation from the University of South Florida; and a certificate in Religion, Conflict, and Peace from HarvardX. I rediscovered my aptitude for writing and my passion for upcycling, permaculture design, and the balance between intertwining systems. The landscape of Florida inspired me to revisit photography. I fell in love with the Space Coast, drawn by its proximity to the beach, space launches, and wildlife. Recently, I was introduced to Maxine and In the Doghouse Art Studio, where I am grateful to have rediscovered my artistic talents in painting. I’m excited to delve back into various art mediums to enhance my creative skills. This summer, I will be working on a Space Coast-themed series of paintings inspired by my photographs of the area, followed by a series focusing on birds.

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