• Main Studio Space

    Welcome to our artist studio space, a sanctuary for creative minds to flourish. Bathed in natural light, this inspiring haven provides a canvas for imagination to unfold. From the scent of paint to the hum of artistic expression, each corner is infused with the energy of creation. The Art Studio is a creative haven in a lush, tropical setting.

  • Art Instruction Studio

    Welcome to our art instruction studio, a vibrant space where creativity takes center stage! Our studio is a haven for aspiring artists of all levels, offering expert guidance in various mediums. From painting to sculpture, our skilled instructors foster a supportive environment, inspiring each participant to explore their unique artistic voice. Unleash your imagination, learn new techniques, and join a community passionate about the transformative power of art.

  • Stained Glass Studio

    Step into our stained glass studio, where the timeless art of crafting vibrant, luminous windows comes to life. Our classes offer a hands-on experience, guiding you through the intricate process of cutting, shaping, and assembling colorful glass pieces. Discover the magic of light filtering through your own masterpiece. Led by seasoned artist Maxine Trainer, our studio invites both beginners and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the captivating world of stained glass creation. Unleash your creativity and watch as your designs illuminate with every sunbeam.